New Delhi, India
After 377
Sex between to people of the same gender has been illegal in India for 157 years until September 2018. The LGBT society is happy about the decriminalization, but many of them still feels that the situation is the same as before. Society has to accept the change, otherwise the change does not matter.

After 377 is a picture story following two different couples in New Delhi in February 2019, nearly 6 months after section 377 was removed from the Indian Penal Code.
S + R
Shais (23) and Rahul (20) live in Delhi and are in a same sex relationship.

Shais told his family about his sexuality six years ago, which resulted in him receiving death threats from his brother. He had no contact with in a five-year-long period.

Rahul has not told his family about his sexuality yet, because he fears the consequences.
He hopes that he can tell them, before the family arrange his marriage with a woman.

Shais and Rahul meet each other at Mykonos. It is a gay spa in Delhi, where men from all over the country and foreigners come to get spa with a special treatment from the workers.

Shais and Rahul are both employees at Mykonos, and sometimes it creates problems between them. Shais gets very jaloux when Rahul is being selected by a costumer.

Costumers pay 1500 rupees for 45 minutes of massage and access to the spa. Shais and Rahul gets 200 rupees per costumer.
Rahul is still living with his family. They believe he is working at a hotel in the city. He often tells them, he is having a night-shift, but in reality he is staying with Shais in his small room a few hundred meters from Mykonos.

They have only been together for a couple of months. Still, Shais wishes they will die together.

R + G
Rahul (24) and Gaurav (23) ended up lying in a small bed together after a party on the 20th of September 2017. It was the time they met each other, but Gaurav was nearly already in love with Rahul after stalking him on Instagram for four months. Even though they lie close together in the bed, nothing ever happened. They both feared to be seen as desperate by the other.

They spent the following day together and attended another party in the evening. Like a movie, they ended up standing outside in the rain kissing for most of the evening.

Four days after their first meet, Gaurav moved in with Rahul and they have been a couple ever since.
In a small apartment in the suburb of New Delhi, Rahul and Gaurav are applying make-up and trying on different outfits. The hair dryer is roaring while Gaurav is trying on a jacket with fur collar.

They are preparing for the HumTum Festival, where they will do a fashion walk in front of the spectators because they are a part of the Mr. Gay India competition.

Both of them are very interested in fashion and they work as freelance make-up artists.
Generally the LGBTQ society is still reporting a lot of problems associated with being a homosexual in India, but Rahul and Gaurav both have the acceptance from their families. They did not dare to tell their families before section 377 was deleted from the Indian Penal Court, but announced just after the decriminalization.

Now they are not afraid of showing their sexuality when they visit the city-centre in New Delhi, which is one of the safest places in the city and also the place where most of the international lives and visits for shopping.
They are explicit with their love to each other, and they often spend their evenings and nights together with people from the LGBTQ community.

A special place for them is Kitty Su, which is a disco that often has LGBTQ parties, where the entertainment is drag shows.
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